5 Random Recipes You Need To Try

September 11, 2011

Working at Foodista, is a dream job for me. Of course it allows me my writing fix, but it also is like having 100 of my favorite cookbooks at my fingertips.

Some of my favorite recipes are ones that have been done and redone over time. Searching the Foodista recipe files is sort of like skipping the middleman, and getting the recipe after it has been tested numerous time. 

It is fun to just look through, and see the wide range of recipes that  members have entered over the years. Check it out! 

China Grass Pudding

Mandarin Orange Fluff Dessert

Panbroiled Steak With Whiskey Sauce

Mustard-Maple Ham Steaks With Cider Madeira Sauce

And finally, I just had to add: 

Minute Ostrich Steaks



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