Factory Farm In Your Backyard - There Probably Is

September 8, 2011

Do you think there are no factory farms where you live? After all, if you can't see one (or, smell one), then all is well, right? Think again. Find out if there are factory farms in your backyard, by using this handy map I found. 

As a consumer, what can you do? Try eating less meat per serving, and buying better quality meat. Know your supplier. This means walking past the prepackaged meat in the supermarket. Don't even buy it. Ask at your farmers market, to find a supplier . If they don't raise animals themselves, chances are that they can connect  you with someone who does.

To learn much more about factory farms, check out the Factory Farm Map site. It has not only the interactive map of farms, there are also links to information about how factory farms impact all of us. 

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Jana's picture

Good topic.. I'm glad I don't eat any animal products anymore!! I feel lighter, healthier and less guilty!!