The Farm Within a Store

September 5, 2011

Urban London may seem like an odd place for a farm, but that's exactly what the owners of Farm:shop hope to encourage Londoners to do. They have transformed a run-down store in the heart of London into a meeting spot, complete with a functioning farm. 

The complex boasts a flock of chickens on the roof, a hydroponics setup where the fish feed the plants, hundreds of plants located everywhere in the store and tons of public space. The store sells food, gardening equipment and rents space for meetings. 

According to their website, there will someday be a network of these shops in the United Kingdom and beyond. One of the main aims of the store is to "excite and inspire city dwellers to grow their own food, fabric and medicine."

Check out a series of amazing photographs here. What do you think of this store? 

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