5 Simple and Delicious Pasta alla Carbonara Recipes

September 3, 2011

Pasta alla Carbonara is a relatively new Italian classic. Attributed to Rome in the mid-20th century (appearing sometime between 1927-1954), this simple dish has an incredibly rich history and flavor! Some say that the name is rooted in the Italian carbonaro - referring to a charcoal burner - claiming that it was a rich, hearty (and inexpensive) meal for Italy's charcoal miners. This theory is supported by the dish's United States nickname "coal miner's spaghetti"! On the other hand, the word carbonari (charcoalmen) describing an underground group that was instrumental in the unification of Italy. As for the recipe itself, some hypothesize that this Roman dish only developed because Italians were eating more bacon and eggs as a result of American troops - possible? Maybe. Likely? Well, have you seen how much pancetta is in Rome...

All of these recipes are essentially gluten free, just be sure to use gluten free pasta (spaghetti, fetuccine or even penne, and gnocchi)!

Spaghetti alla Carbonara
Simple, hearty, delicious.

Pasta alla Carbonara e Piselli
Somewhere along the line carbonara recipes began to include peas (piselli) - and it's a mighty fine addition, if I do say so.

Faux Carbonara - Eggless
Using cream to make an extra thick sauce without the eggs, this is great for those with an egg allergy!

Gnocchi alla Carbonara
With potato dumplings instead of pasta - delicioso!

Elegant Pasta alla Carbonara
With a few non-traditional ingredients, this version is tough to beat!

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