3 Must Try Vodka Sauce Recipes

August 30, 2011

A famously delicious pasta topping, vodka infused red sauce makes for an incredibly rich sauce and delicious meal. In my opinion, pasta sauce is not meant to come from a jar -- while this is certainly an easy solution and one that I rely on more often than not, homemade pasta sauce is a stovetop treasure. Rich and hearty, which tastes so much better when you know you made it from scratch, vodka red sauce is an all-time favorite. Here are 3 fantastic recipes for homemade vodka sauce that will have your dinner guests begging for seconds!

Gluten free? Be sure to use gluten free pasta! (I like a rice-corn blend like Orgran.)

Penne in Vodka Sauce
With heavy cream and spicy peppers, this is definitely a must-try!

Easy Vodka Sauce
Using premade marinara sauce and adding a few necessary ingredients, this recipe will jumpstart your favorite pasta dish.

Pink Vodka Sauce
A combination of alfredo and marinara, this pasta sauce has the best of both worlds!

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I prefer using soju over vodka.