The Ledbury Staff Fights Back During London Riots

August 11, 2011

The London riots have caused an immeasurable amount of damage over the past few days, but staff members at Michelin-starred restaurant The Ledbury fought back against rioters who attempted to wreak havoc in the dining room. Naked Sushi blogger Louise Yang happened to be dining there when looters hit the restaurant. Yang says that the staff members emerged from the kitchen armed with anything they could find -- including fryer baskets and rolling pins -- to scare off the rioters.

After the rioters left, the Ledbury staff gave patrons whiskey and champagne to soothe frazzled nerves; at one point, they even ushered them into the wine cellar to protect them from returning looters. "The kitchen staff at the Ledbury went beyond their call of duty," Yang wrote. Now that's a memorable dining experience!

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