Indianapolis Motor Speedway Runs Anti-Hot Dog Billboard

August 3, 2011

Racing fans who head to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the days and weeks to come will see a provocative anti-hot dog billboard sponsored by the Cancer Project of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine nonprofit. The billboard copy reads, "Warning: hot dogs can wreck your health." An accompanying image features four grilled hot dogs in a cigarettelike pack with a skull and crossbones logo.

Naturally, not everyone is on board with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway billboard. "Trying to link a food product that has clear nutritional value with a product like cigarettes, which have no redeeming qualities, is inflammatory and alarmist," said Janet Riley, the president of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Do you think the anti-hot dog billboard should stay?

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Jade's picture

I think the link to cigarettes is completely warranted. Of course the president for the National HOT DOG AND SAUSAGE Council would make a statement like that. No bias there at all. haha It's about time people point to unhealthy foods as the cause of more illness. Unhealthy eating is FAR more of a risk to general population health in America than smoking is. Diabetes, obesity, hearth disease, etc. are far more common than lung cancer...

Bret's picture

You missed the point! There are many activities that are risky as long as people understand risk they are legally able to make these choices. This billboard will only serve to strenghten the resolve and resistance to those who choose to eat unhealthy. If the intention of the billboard is to steer people to more healthy choices then it is an epic fail. If it is an effort to start a dialogue then it will have its fifteen minutes of notoriety if that. As a current Chef and student pursuing a Registered Dietitian License I don't find it effective.