From The Garden - Rebel Corn Recipe

August 3, 2011

At the crack of dawn, the family marched out into the garden and started picking corn. By 9 am, their work was done. Mine had just begun. It was freezer corn day.  

Lucky for me, this recipe that I refer to as Rebel Corn, is fast and easy. All of the purists reading this, will be up in arms about the unconventional way the corn is put up. Bring it on.  By noon, we had 50 quarts of corn in the freezer - enough for a full year.

If you  get the opportunity to buy sweet corn from the farmers market this year, check out my easy recipe for getting the extra from market to freezer. 

The Farming Wife's Rebel Corn

20 cups fresh corn, cut off the cob

5 cups cold water

1/4 cup salt

1/2 cup sugar

To make this recipe, cut the corn from the cob and measure out 20 cups at  a time. Add the additional ingredients and stir until combined.  

Measure out corn mixture into ziplock style quart freezer bags and press out excess air. Lay bags flat to freeze and then stack upright once they become frozen. 

This corn is amazing! It remains sweet and fresh tasting, all winter. No need for a canner! 

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Do you freeze this with the liquid?? How do you cook it when ready to eat?