Tumblr Tuesday: Ladies Eating Burgers, Politicians Eating Ice Cream and Other People Eating Things

July 26, 2011

This Tumblr Tuesday, we're exploring the growing ranks of single-topic photoblogs that feature someone eating something. From politicians eating ice cream to women eating cake, these aren't your typical street snaps.

1. Politicians Eating Ice Cream: Many politicians stop at ice cream shops during townhall meetings, campaigns or other site-specific tours, and Politicians Eating Ice Cream captures them all.

politicians eating ice cream

2. Models Like to Eat: If you thought that all models made it a personal practice to eschew eating, Models Like to Eat will prove you wrong. This photo blog features snaps of some of the world's top models eating.

models like to eat

3. Women Eating Cake: This Tumblr blog pairs each photo of a woman eating cake with a quote on the role of cake or dessert in her life. Lindsay, pictured below, used to tell her parents that she has a half of her stomach dedicated to regular food and the other half dedicated to dessert.

women eating cake

4. Famous People Eating Pizza: This Tumblr blog zeroes in on celebrities who have been caught snacking on pizza, including Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth, Kurt Cobain and the Kardashian sisters.

famous people eating pizza

5. Ladies Eating Burgers: Ladies Eating Burgers focuses, appropriately enough, on women eating hamburgers and cheeseburgers. This user-submitted photoblog features a nice mix of photoshopped images and authentic burger-eating shots.

ladies eating burgers