Children Banned from Pennsylvania Restaurant

July 13, 2011

McDain's, a fine dining restaurant, just initiated a no children under six years of age policy. The owner says this is the result of numerous complaints from clientele about loud, out of control children and the parents that seem unable to reel them in.  He further points out that there are many child friendly restaurants available. McDain's on the other hand, explicitly advertises on its website "cocktails and fine casual dining" in an "upscale, quiet and casual" atmosphere.  

Legally, McDain's appears to be in the clear as there are no laws on the books preventing this type of policy.  Nonetheless, and not at all surprisingly, this new policy immediately sparked a national debate between angry parents and annoyed patrons.  Either way, it looks like there is now at least one place in the country where Mommy's steak dinner doesn't come with a side of screaming infants.

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laurelc's picture

If parents can't discipline their children, others shouldn't have to suffer.

Amy's picture

My husband and I would never have attempted taking our kids to a place like this--there were always plenty of other options that were agreeable to all of us. This was the sort of place we went to when we had a sitter.

Aglez's picture

I don't have a lot of money so going to a restaurant like this would be a special occasion, I don't want to have my beef Wellington with a side of crying child stewed in soggy diaper.

LAB's picture

I can't agree with posters more--there are some places where young children absolutely do not belong. Parents do not discipline their children well today and perhaps they would be more welcome if they behaved appropriately. Crying children should always be removed from the situation. That's a parent's responsibility. If you know your child is not able to behave appropriately, don't bring the child into a circumstance where the unappreciated behaviour will wind up causing more upset for a lot of people. Children do need to learn proper manners and most are not taught because their own parents don't know how to behave.