Albertsons Eliminates Self-Checkout Lanes

July 11, 2011

Albertsons is getting rid of self-checkout lanes in all of its stores, replacing them with express lanes or standard checkout lanes. Currently, 100 Albertons stores have self-checkout lanes.

"We just want the opportunity to talk to customers more," said Christine Wilcox, an Albertsons spokeswoman. "That's the driving motivation." MSNBC also reported that the elimination of self-checkout lanes would mean that current employees would likely have more scheduled working hours available to them.

Self-checkout lanes were originally instituted as a solution to long lines; unfortunately, the lanes aren't always intuitive for shoppers new to the technology. Are you pleased to see Albertsons eliminate these unmanned lanes?

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Kyrie's picture

Noooooo! I use the self check out lines often!!

Irene's picture

There are times I don't want human interaction and want only to scan the two or three items I have and to get in and out quickly. I want the self-check-out lines.

Anonymous's picture

I don't shop at Albertson's (we don't have them here) but I like the self-scan guns at Stop&Shop. You scan the items as you shop and put them right in your bags. When you're done you scan a barcode and your whole order is fed to the register at once without even having to belt and rebag the items.

I do not normally need to have a conversation with anybody at the store, and if I do, I will go to the courtesy counter.

Lori's picture

I'm disappointed by this. When I shop at Albertsons, I usually only use the self-check out. I prefer it. I don't want to chat it up with the cashier. Albertsons is more higher priced than the competitors, so IF I go in there it's because it's close and I'm in a hurry. The self checkout makes it easier for me to be able to get in and out quickly. So many times in the checkout line, the cashier is either chatting on their personal cell phone or talking with the person bagging the groceries about supervisors, days off or other employees and I am ignored until it's time to pass me the receipt.