Simple Southern Gluten Free Cornbread

July 9, 2011

A Southern staple, cornbread is quick, easy and pairs well with just about everything. From thick and spicy chili to balsamic glazed fruit, cornbread is a perfect companion. Feel free to adapt these recipes by adding whole corn kernels (1/2 cup per recipe), jalapenos or green chiles and cheddar cheese (3 oz and 3/4 cup respectively), or anything else that sounds tasty! Thrifty Tip: I always like to make a double batch and freeze half to use for stuffing and bread crumbs later on. 

Southern Style Skillet Cornbread
Buttermilk cornbread that's crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and unbelievably tasty.

Dairy Free Honey-Glazed Cornbread
Dairy free and lightly sweet, perfect with chili.

Easy Buttermilk Cornbread
Simple, flourless and perfectly delicious.

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