Shocking Secret About New Chips Ahoy Cookies

May 14, 2011

They may be one of America's favorite cookies, but that doesn't mean Chips Ahoy! doesn't have any dirty secrets. Nabisco is the makers of Chips Ahoy!, an incredibly popular cookie sold throughout the United States. Recently, they unveiled a new product called Chips Ahoy! American Summer. Do you see where this is going? Turns out the American Summer cookies were made outside the United States. In Mexico.

Beyond the fact that these cookies were not made in the United States (Mexico? Seriously?) a site called The Impulsive Buy says the cookies taste identical to ordinary Chips Ahoy! cookies. All and all, sounds like a pretty disappointing summer product. 

Has anyone had these cookies yet? 

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Susan's picture

I don't eat bought cookies but here's my real question: Are bakeries and their products outside the US held to the same standards? Too many recalls across the market lately to not wonder. I make my own, buy locally when possible and READ labels!

Elizabeth Sharp's picture

What is the point in this? Just because its made in Mexico its bad? That is so racist. Just because they are made in Mexico does not mean it is bad quality.

kitchenvoyage's picture

I am pretty sure they have more dirty secret. The idea about Mexico sound very racist, and i am pretty sure that a big quantity of american food is produced in Mexico or overseas.

Lisa Lilly's picture

Mexico is part of North America, along with Canada and the United States of America. The cookies are not called USA Summer. I don't see the point of being upset about the place these cookies are being manufactured in.

Joanne's picture

Yeah, just what we need. More products being made outside of the U.S. taking away more jobs from Americans. Thanks, Nabisco. Also, could there be some quality issues? Are products made outside of the U.S. held to the same standards of those that are made here?