Argentina Paragliding Stunt Proves Red Bull Gives You Wings

April 29, 2011

Red Bull An Argentina paragliding stunt to promote energy-drink brand Red Bull on Wednesday has caused a media frenzy, according to Ad Age. Hernan Pitocco was hired by Red Bull to paraglide through Buenos Aires during rush hour to reenact the brand's signature slogan, "It gives you wings." Unfortunately, the Red Bull marketing department didn't warn the city of their plans, and Pitocco was arrested and charged with a felony for "violating the aerial space." Ad Age reports that Pitocco was instructed to say, "I was trapped in a traffic jam in the city, and I got tired of it so I grabbed my paraglider out of my car and took off to get to my meeting on time." He wore a suit and tie to complete the illusion; the only visual cues that would tip off the stunt were his Red Bull helmet and branded paraglider. The shaky video below is from a pedestrian observing the Argentina paragliding stunt:

Photo by nattu