Tom Colicchio Promotes HBO's Game of Thrones

March 26, 2011

HBO has a new series coming out, Game of Thrones, and famed chef Tom Colicchio is the man promoting it. Between March 28 and April 1, the Top Chef judge and restauranteur will be creating dishes inspired by the show, likely involving squab, rabbit, duck, and black fish. Each dish will represent one of the five regions depicted in Game of Thrones and will be served out of...wait for trucks in New York and Los Angeles. Colicchio acknowledges the limitations of his mobile restaurants and says, “If I could really do it, I'd have whole goats roasting on spits, but that's really hard to do for 300 people out of a food truck.”

Wondering how much you'll have to shell out to try some of these inspired meals? Not a penny. Follow Game of Thrones on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on the trucks' locations!

Photo by ricardodiaz11