Top 10 Healthy Restaurants in New York City

March 13, 2011

New York City

1. Telepan: This Upper West Side standout serves up excellent seafood and healthy, organic fare. The best part is that Chef Bill Telepan gets most of his ingredients from the local farmers' markets. In addition to the regular menu items, there are also seasonal specials — such as beet salad, with bulgur and a light buttermilk dressing, and Nantucket Bay Scallops Crudo, with hearts of palm.

2. ABC Kitchen: Not only is the food organic, but the entire restaurant from the recycled-paper menus to the compostable place mats is environmentally sustainable. Stand-out dishes include, the house made ricotta ravioli and the whole wheat pizzas. All of the food is unique, fresh and delicious. If you are feeling a little naughty, definitely go for their salted caramel ice cream sundae.

3. Gobo: Every vegan New Yorker and transplant will tell you this is the place to go. If you are going for dinner, try the nori-wrapped tofu with pumpkin seeds and the spicy stir-fry. If just stopping by for a quick snack, try one of their tasty bubble teas for texture-flavor explosion.

4. Candle 79: The only all-vegetarian restaurant in NYC worth its pricey veggie fare. Must-have's for dinner: the spinach ravioli appetizer, seitan piccata main course and sweet potato fries on the side (sweet potatoes - that's healthy, right?). You'll be so full and satisfied, you won't even want dessert! If you are looking for a more casual dining experience, check out their sister vegetarian restaurant Candle Cafe.

5. Kefi: Their rustic Mediterranean menu is hard to resist– especially at such low prices. You can find classical Greek dishes, such as whole fish simply grilled with olive oil and salt,  everyday Greek-style burgers, and delicious sharing plates, such as the tangy tzatziki (yogurt dip), melintzanosalata (eggplant spread), revithia (chickpea spread), all served with grilled pita.

6. Nanoosh: This restaurant uses mostly organic ingredients, even down to their raisins and walnuts. Definitely try their quinoa salad, lentil soup, and one of their hummus wraps. Heading to Lincoln Center and looking for a quick, light meal? Check out this Middle Eastern hot spot.

7. Pure Food and Wine: Even dieters and raw foodies need to treat themselves once in a while! When you want to splurge on a healthy meal out, this vegan, raw food restaurant is the place to go. Recommended dishes: the sweet corn and cashew tamales and the pesto lasagna. If you are looking for a little raw this and a little raw that, check out their tasting menu!

8. Josie's: This restaurant offers appetizers and entrees for both vegans and meat-eaters. The best part is that all of the food is organic, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the food or the place. It just looks like a fun, hip restaurant. Chef Louis Lanza proves that in addition to greens, tofu and veggie dumplings– meat items, such as chicken soup, steak salad and crab cakes can also be made healthy.

9. Hampton Chutney Company: If you love Indian food and flavors, but you're looking for a lighter meal that won't weigh you down, definitely check out this place. Their dosas are delicate and flaky (only 189 calories and 3g of fat), and totally excellent with the vegetarian masala filling and mango chutney - Just as fresh and delicious ordered in.

10. Gusto Organics: New York's first USDA organic restaurant offers lots of tasty vegan and gluten-free fare, including fresh empanadas and thin-crust pizzas. Recommended are the grilled margarita pizza and the grilled Brunchera pizza, with ricotta cheese, egg sunny side up, spinach, mushroom, parmesan and tomato sauce.



jenn nolte's picture

Spelling error: it's "healthy". Thanks for the list!

Elyse Prince's picture

Guess it wouldn't work if I said it was supposed to be like that, ha! Fixed- Thanks so much for the catch! Glad you like the list

Warren Bobrow's picture

I'd also include:
Balthazar- you always can get a plate of oysters and sancerre
Blue Ribbon- simple home-spun French without the extra cream or butter
Ed's Lobster- is there anything better than a steamed lobster?
Pho Pasteur- a bowl of pho is a trip to Vietnam in every sip
la Luncheonette- simple simple simple... a plate of beets? sure..
Masa- sure we cannot afford it... but it is health food and brain food