Technique: Refrigerating


Is the process of lowering the temperature (removing heat) in order to preserve food items for longer periods. Low temperatures decrease the velocity of the chemical reactions, as well as bacterial growth rate, related to the spoiling of most food items.


Other names: Refrigerate, Refrigerated
Translations: Saldēšanas, Šaldymo, Frigorifier, Rashladni, Làm lạnh, Chłodniczych, Koelcapaciteit, Kjøle, Refrigeração, Холодильное, Ψυκτικού, التبريد, Chladící, Pendingin, 制冷, Refrigeració, Hladilni, Chladiaca, Frigorifero, Kyl, Расхладних, 冷凍, Réfrigération, Kälteanlagen, Køle, Refrigeración, Холодильне, Jäähdytys, Хладилни



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