Technique: Rolling


Rolling is either of two techniques: involving a rolling pin to flatten dough, or involving a wrapper of some sort to encase filling.

In the latter, the rolled wrapper is either fastened by folding in the ends of the wrapper unto itself, or by applying flour paste, or a little water, to close the wrapper and form the roll.


Other names: Rolled, Roll
Translations: Geležinkelių, Rulant, Lăn, Walcowanie, Rollend, रोलिंग, Laminagem, Прокатка, Τροχαίο, المتداول, 구르는, Válcování, Pabulihan, 轧制, Rodant, Valcovanie, Rotolamento, גלגול, Rullande, Ваљање, ローリング, Roulant, Rodante, Прокатка, Търкаляне



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