Technique: Scalding


The process of heating a liquid to just below boiling point. It is used to change the properties of some liquids, such as milk. Foods are also placed in a scalding liquid to rapidly heat their exterior without cooking through. Freshly killed chickens are scalded as a way of loosening their feathers for plucking.


Other names: Scald
Translations: Applaucēšanas, Aitrus, Fierbinte, Ključao, Trụng bằng nước sôi, Oparzenia, Kokend, तीखा, Escaldante, Обжигающий, Ζεμάτισμα, سافع, 끓는, Paření, Врео, Paltos, 烫, Escaldat, Ključa, Parenie, Scottatura, חליטה, SKÅLLNING, Panas, やけどするほど熱い, Brûlant, Verbrühung, Skoldning, Skålding, Escaldado, Палючий, Tulikuuma, Попарващ



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