Technique: Skewering


Preparing food for cooking by impaling it with a long thin wood or metal rod. Most commonly used to grill meats, but can also be done with fish and vegetables. This is perhaps one of the oldest cooking methods known to man and is practiced in many cultures.


Other names: Skewer, Skewered
Translations: 串刺し, منتقدا, Embrocher, Infilzare, Нанизанных на вертел, Enfilar, Нанизаних на рожен, Скеуеринг, Ensartar



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Maureen Horvath's picture

Skewers shold be soaked before using,helping to prevent exposed ends from burning

Nancy's picture

I soak mine in a red wine before skewering mine to give a little extra flavor to the meats I am cooking on the grill.