Technique: Coating

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This technique involves covering food with a layer of thick liquid such as batter or beaten eggs and breadcrumbs, to protect it when cooking. Fried foods are often coated before being cooked in hot fat.


Other names: Coat, Coated
Translations: Pārklājumu, Danga, Strat, Premazivanje, Đục, Powłoka, Bekleding, लिप्तता, Revestimento, Покрытие, Επένδυση, طلاء, 코팅, Povlak, Премазивање, Patong, 涂料, Revestiment, Povlak, Rivestimento, ציפוי, Beläggning, Lapisan, コーティング, Revêtement, Schicht, Revestimiento, Покриття, Pinnoitus, Слой



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