Technique: Souring


Souring is a technique used to change the physical and chemical characteristics of a food by exposing it to an acid. There are two ways to Sour foods.

The first technique involves adding an acid like vinegar or lime juice to the food. The second technique has to do with allowing the natural microbes in the food to cause it to go sour as in the case of making yogurt.


Other names: Soured, Sour
Translations: 酸洗い, تحميض, Kysnutia, Acidificação, Acidité, Säuerung, Kynutí, Inacidimento, Zakwaszenie, Syrning, Zuren, Acidificació, Раздражающий, החמצה, Дратівливий, 洗毛, Соуринг, Acidificación, Втасване



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