Rum Front Punch

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This recipe was entered in The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook contest, a compilation of the world’s best food blogs which was published in Fall 2010.


35 mls light rum
35 mls dark rum
60 mls mango nectar
10 mls triple sec
a splash of cocktail bitters
a lime slice cut almost in half
2 pineapple chunks
1 decorative bamboo skewer


Combine all ingredients in a pitcher.
Put ice in 2 tumblers, pour punch in glasses and enjoy.
Twist lime to create an "s" with rind facing out, place pineapple chunks, wide side out in the loops of the "s" and skewer.




Note: This recipe can be doubled or tripled easily. For quantities for 10 or 100 visit Market of Splendor.

Stir in the views of the boats at anchor and the hillsides of flowers, splash in the activities, botany, sand, sea, food, drinks and...well, an island of splendor is yours.

Here are some favorite things we left with: a collection of coral orbs found scuba diving and snorkeling,memories of evenings spent watching movies in the Sand Palace. Located just off the dining room, the outdoor sand floored theatre plays an after dinner movie for the kids first, followed by a movie for the grown-up crowd.

It's a unique experience to watch a movie while digging your toes in the sand and enjoying a tropical breeze. Thoughts of the warm, fragrant breezes rushing by, along with the lights from the marina, on evening rides to the hillside bungalows in the golf cart taxis.

One of our most memorable experiences were made on board the Ponce de Leon, a canvas topped, flat bottom boat which makes daily outings to the best snorkeling locations in the area.

Depending on currents, breeze and passengers the captain sets the course. On some of the outings the captain will anchor, other times snorkelers are dropped in one location and will snorkel to a pick up location.

As one dips beneath the surface of the bright blue waters they find an endless show of colorful fish, shells, coral, stones and the beautiful reflection of water ripples on pure white sand.

When the snorkelers are satisfied, the captain turns up the reggae music, serves up a fruity rum punch and everyone shares stories from the silent world below. The warm towels, breeze and sun dry the skin; and all are on watch for passing turtles and rays.

A taste of the islands can always be yours no matter what your true longitude and latitude may be. Turn on your favorite island music and have some friends over for a glass of Rum Front Punch...


1.0 one cup servings


Thursday, December 3, 2009 - 2:17am


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