Grape Wine Recipe


1 ct to mash fruit in, Stone or Enamel. ((No Aluminum))
1 quart Fruit, or more
1/4 teaspoon Yeast, Plain dry bakers yeast or 3 pounds Sugar, (6 cups is approximately 3 lbs.)
Cloth to strain out pulp.
1 gallon ct for fermentation, (1 ) Glass or Plastic jug will do
Wire Potato masher or block of wood for mashing fruit.


Be sure fruit is clean, Then place in open container and crush fruit using a potato masher or block of clean wood. A 2x4 will do the job. After mashing, add enough water to make a slurrDissolve yeast in warm water, 1/2 cup then add to slurry and mix, then cover with a cloth to keep out dirt and insects. Let this mixture stand 4 - 5 day's, Peaches and Plums should stand only 3 days, as they have a tendency not to clear if left longer.
After this time lapse you are ready to separate the pulp from the juice, But first put 3 lbs of sugar in the Fermenting container and add about 1 Quart of Hot water. Shake this to dissolve the Sugar, Next separate separate the pulp from the Juice by straining through the cloth. (a new dish towel is just right), then add the Juice to the fermenting container.
You should have about 1 quart of Juice, if the juice is rich enough, this is enough to give a good flavor, of course more juice can be used per gallon, I find this sufficient. You should now have your juice in the fermenting container, You should have 2 - 3 quarts of liquid. Next fill the Jug to the bottom of the neck with clean water... (NOTE.. If you are using tap water. Let the Water stand in a closed container for 4 - 5 days'. It contains Chlorine which stops the Fermentation process.. Well, or Spring Water is recomended...) Leave the Jug uncovered for 24 hours, Then put a sandwich bag over the neck of the jand fasten




1.0 servings


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