Slow Braised Lamb Shoulder Casserole With Greek-Style Green Beans


1 tablespoon fresh rosemary sprigs
1 tablespoon dried oregano
440 grams tins tomatoes
400 grams green beans


Preheat oven to 100-120 degrees celsius, or prepare your slow cooker according to the manufacturers instructions.
Heat a little olive oil in a frypan over moderate heat.
Fry the diced a lamb in batches until well browned, but not cooked through. Taking the time will enable the lamb to create a good brown crust on each piece of lamb adding a layer of flavour. Add the lamb to your casserole dish or slow cooker as you fry each batch.
Peel and slice the onions into rings, roughly slice or chop the garlic.
Add a little more oil to the frying pan and gently sautee the onions and garlic until softened and starting to brown. Add the rosemary and oregano to the pan with a pinch of salt and a generous grind of black pepper stirring well to start to release the flavour of the herbs.
Add half a cup of water to the pan to release the browned meat juices and flavour. Stir for a moment or two to capture all the juices and transfer the contents of the pan to the casserole dish with the lamb.
Add the tomatoes and stir well to combine the ingredients.
Add enough water to cover the lamb, cover and place the dish in the low oven.
Cook for at least 4 hours
An hour or so before your dinner, trim the stalks from the green beans and spread the beans over the top of the lamb. Replace the lid and return the casserole dish to the oven for an hour.
The lamb will be very tender and the sauce will be quite thin.
Transfer the lamb and beans to a serving bowl or platter and place the casserole dish over a high heat to reduce the sauce to a thicker consistency.
Pour the thickened sauce over the dish and garnish with some fresh parsley and oregano, and a squeeze of lemon juice.




Volunteering to host a dinner party for eight on a Wednesday night may seem like a recipe for disaster, but a slow cooker and a quick salad make life pretty easy.
After a good round of barbecues and evening picnics over what was a sticky Summer, the days are getting shorter and the evening breeze has a promise of a chill.
We have moved the parties indoors and I pulled out a perfect slow cooker recipe for this midweek feast with friends.
Inspired separately by a TV chef and a popular food magazine, I pulled together a slowly braised lamb dish which takes just minutes to organise in the morning before you head out for the day.
Perfect for a slow cooker or equally suited to a long lingering spell in a very low oven, the kitchen smelled amazing as our guests arrived for dinner.
A few laughs, lively conversation and a cheeky glass of wine is a real treat for a Wednesday night.




Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - 11:38pm


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