Chipotle Dip


1 pkt lite silken tofu (10.5 oz)
2 canned chilpotles (2 to 3)
1 teaspoon adobo sauce from the can or to taste


Assemble ingredients in blender/processor and whir til smooth. Adjust seasonings to taste. Serve with crackers, spread on sandwiches or burgers, or put a dollop on a bowl of gazpacho.
VARIATIONS: Instead of using tofu, try non-fat cream cheese (skip the honey), or blend the chilpotles into non-fat mayonnaise.
NOTE: Chilpotle con Adobo, or Chiles Chilpotle con Escabeche, is smoked jalapeno in a seasoned tomato sauce. It's usually found in Hispanic marketsor natural food stores and commonly packed in 7 oz cans. The brands I have found so far are Del Monte, Embasa, and Ensanmar. They have all been satisfactory. You can puree them and use them in many recipes that call forchilpotles.
NOTES : I've made this dip (posted on the Fatfree list many years ago), and my friends loved it served with chips and veggies. I used the leftovers on veggie sandwiches and veggie burgers instead of mayo.
Very tasty and pretty color!
Note that the amount of fat for this recipe is determined primarily by the tofu you use. The Mori-Nu lite silken tofu is perfect for any pureed dish. You can use either the extra-firm or firm. Regardless of what tofu you use, when served with lowfat chips, crackers, or veggies, this is within our guidelines.


2.0 servings


Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 5:19pm



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