Passatelli in brodo, typical first course from Romagna


5.30 oz breadcrumbs
5.30 oz grated Parmesan
3 eggs
1/2 lemon zest
grated nutmeg
For the meat broth
0.7 gal cold water
1 peeled onion
2 trimmed carrots
1 celery stick
1/2 hen/ chicken with skin
around 17 oz beef meat
1 handful cooking salt


Mix all the ingredients untill you have a ball of dough, cover it with cling film and keep in fridge.
Make the broth in advance, put all the ingredients in a pan with water, bring to boil and let simmer for 3-4 hours covered.
If needed remove the foam on top with a skimmer.
When broth is ready filter it with a strainer, put it into the pan you'll use to cook passatelli.
Bring broth to boil, put dough into the potato ricer, squeeze the dough over the pan cutting when passatelli are long enough.
Go on untill you finish the dough, cook for a couple of minutes then serve.
Eat them hot!


PLEASE NOTE: you have to use breadcrumbs from no fat bread, it means you must avoid almost all the ready made breadcrumbs you can buy.
Here bakers sell old bread crumbled for passatelli making but outside Romagna you have two ways: or you stale your own bread (like tuscan bread) then crumble it with a mixer or you ask your trusted baker.
If the used bread has fats your passatelli will melt and you will eat a sort of egg drop soup.
You can degrease your broth, just cool it enough to firm the grease holes on top then remove them.
If you'll do it you'll be blamed by any tablemate from Romagna. :)




Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 12:34pm

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