Pork Rolls With Parma Ham and Pecorino Dolce Cheese


8 thin slices lean pork loin
4 ounces young Pecorino Dolce cheese (or a local young cheese wit
4 tablespoons white wine
2 tablespoons olive oil


Spread out the meat slices and cover each slice with a slice of Parma ham.
Cut the Pecorino Dolce cheese into 8 sticks. Place a stick at one end of the meat and roll up neatly
Secure each roll with a tooth pick, going in and out sewing style.
Place the stock to warm up.
Heat the oil in a skillet. Add the rolls and brown carefully on all sides over a moderately high heat.
Add the wine, turn the heat down and let it evaporate almost completely.
Add add half the stock to the pan. Cover and braise on gentle heat for about 8 minutes or till tender. Make sure the sauce does not over reduce and add more stock if necessary.
Serve 2 rolls per person, drizzled with the reduced pan juices on a bed of mashed potatoes or Bologna Friggione




This recipe comes from the traditional cuisine of Bologna in Northern Italy.

When you throw some slices of meat into a skillet that's just family food. Roll the meat slices up round a tasty filling and they become pretty food for entertaining. These Italian meat roll ups or Involtini are easy as pie: they take minutes to cook and moments to assemble. Don't cut the fat off the Parma ham, you need it to baste the meat from the inside, as without it the lean pork loin can turn out tough not tender. Though pork is Bologna's favourite meat, you can substitute veal or turkey if prefer.

Serve the Involtini on a bed of creamy mashed potato or go one better and serve on a luscious bed of Bologna's favourite comfort foods, the soft and fragrant slow cooked Friggione of wilted onions and tomatoes.




Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 4:24pm

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