Qpc Grilled Vegetables In Balsamic Vinegar and Basil


4 heads of garlic with skin
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar (can be more according to individual taste)
1/2 ts dried basil


Wash and dry all the vege. Grill all the capsicum in whole in a microwave oven set to grill for 20 mins. After 15 mins, put in the garlic. Leave them in the oven till they are cold enough to touch before removing the skin and seeds. Grill yellow squash in a grill pan for about 8 mins till it is soft but not mushy. On a frying pan sautee white onion till they are translucent and put them in a mixing bowl. In a sauce pan simmer the balsamic vinegar from 3 tbs to 2tbs and set aside to let it cool. Put all grilled vegetables in a big mixing bowl. In another medium bowl add reduced balsamic vinegar and (A).


Although this is a common dish but everyone has their own version and this is the QBC version. Once you make a batch of grilled vegetables, you can use it in so many ways for example, it can be used as the filling for grilled cheese sandwich, it can be cooked with pasta or as an anti pasto for a main meal. Grilled vegetables can be freeze and it will stay good for a long time. You can even make a grilled vegetables omellete. It is delicious if you add some to your green leafy salad. Put it in a nice bottle and it makes a great gift. Grilled vegetables are tasty, pretty and healthy. What more can you ask for?




Friday, October 22, 2010 - 7:47pm


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