Rum Swizzles


1 dsh Rock candy syrup [saturated sugar-water solution]
1 dsh Herbsaint
2 ounces Rum (St. James, Martinique, Blackhead, Charleston)
ounce Orgeat syrup (French almond syrup)
ounce Barbados rum (medium cane rum, can 1 ounce Diergert's bouquet rum
1 teaspoon Bar sugar
2 ounces Dark Jamaica rum [Myer's dark]
Hot water


Swizzle is a pretty broad term for a class of drinks. Here is some
"Swizzles originated in the West Indies, where everything, including hot chocolate, is swizzled. A swizzle stick is the branch of a tropical bush with three to five forked branches on the end. You insert this in the glass or pitcher and twirl the stem rapidly between the palms of your hands. By rapid swizzling with fine ice, you'll get a good outside frost such as on a Julep. Of course you won't get this frost if you haven't used enough liquor; a generous amout of liquor is important. Most true Swizzles, because of their origin, call for rum; but nearly all punches can be swizzled. Punches for three or four people can be mixed in a pitcher with fine ice and swizzled until the pitcher frosts, and then poured into tall glasses. Simple, good, really a good drink."
MARTINIQUE SWIZZLE: Squeeze lime juice into 14-ounce chimney glass filled with shaved ice; save shell. Add remaining ingredients. Swizzle untill drink is uniform. Decorate with spent lime shell, fresh mint, and a long stirrer.
KONA SWIZZLE: Squeeze lime juice into 12-ounce sling or punch glass, filled with shaved ice; save lime shell. Add orgeat and rums. Swizzle until drink is uniform. Decorate with spend lime, fresh mint, and fruit stick.
Here's a hot drink: KINGSTON SWIZZLE: Squeeze lime juice into 12-ounce glass; add spent shell. Add sugar, and stir well. Add rum and enough hot water to nearly fill glass. Serve with swizzle stick.




1.0 servings


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