Rice-less Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls


/2 lb fresh sashimi grade Tuna diced finely (It’s raw; get the freshest fish you could possible find.)
•1-2 tablespoon reduced fat Mayonnaise
•1-2 teaspoon Sriracha chili sauce (depending upon how spicy you like)
•1 scallion chopped into small pieces
•3 sheets sushi nori; (seaweed) cut in half (Find in Whole Foods, Fairway or any local specialty market)
•1/2 Persian Cucumber sliced into thin strips.
•wasabi paste (optional)
•pickled ginger for garnish
•reduced sodium soy sauce for dipping


1.) In a small bowl mix together mayo and chili sauce until thoroughly combined. (Reserve a tad to use as “glue” to secure the hand roll.)
2.) Add in diced tuna and scallions. Stir all together until the tuna is nice and coated.
3.) Now take the Nori and lie it flatly on the counter. Take a couple tablespoons of the spicy tuna mixture and spread it on 1 side of the Nori Wrapper.
4.) Place cucumber slices on top of the tuna in a diagonal form since you will be making a cone shape.
5.) Carefully roll into a cone and place a dab of the reserved may on the edge of the nori to glue it all together.
6.) Serve with wasabi, ginger & soy sauce. Enjoy!!!


My name is Nicole and I am a sushi addict. I will travel anywhere for the perfect piece of Toro, salmon belly and yellow tail. Uni (Sea urchin) is the piece I save for last and when my favorite Japanese joint is out of this gorgeous delicacy I cringe. Ten years ago, on my honeymoon, Eric and I visited the island of Maui in Hawaii where hundreds of authentic poi restaurants exist. I kid you not that the two of us planted ourselves in the same stools at the sushi bar in our hotel night after night. Why? Because it had some of the freshest fish flown in from Japan every single day. Date night = Sushi Night, Celebration dinners = sushi night, Family dinners?? You get the picture! With cravings up the wazoo for this fare, it was time for me to give this cuisine a shot in my own kitchen. Intimidation aside, I learned that spicy mayo is simply some Hellman’s mixed with chili sauce. A little super fresh tuna, Persian cucumbers, scallions,seaweed and there you have it! Don’t worry about the rolls not looking perfect, just be damn proud that you did it…I am!


6 nibbles


Monday, April 1, 2013 - 1:41pm


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