Amarula Cream


1 tablespoon coffee
8 shots whiskey
200 milliliters full cream
1 teaspoon honey


Use good quality coffee. If you are using instant coffee, heat up some of the full cream and add the coffee to it. If you are using grounded coffee, make about 100ml of very very strong coffee. Let it cool. Add the whiskey, condensed milk, full cream and honey and mix well. Pour into a bottle and leave in the fridge for 7 days. Shake it daily.


Now if you have never heard of or tasted Amarula Cream, you are definitely missing out. Amarula Cream is a South African liqueur that is made from the exotic Marula fruit. It is a delicious creamy drink that can be enjoyed anywhere!
The Marula fruit is famed for making elephants a bit “tipsy” as they like to eat the Marula fruit that has fallen off the trees and fermented in the sun.
I don't use the Marula fruit in my Amarula - it's a bit more difficult and I might just have to fight an elephant for enough fruit to make a bottle, but my homemade Amarula is pretty close!

Go ahead and try it - indulge your tastebuds!


1 x 750ml bottle


Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 4:48am


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