Emmer Wheat


Emmer wheat, also known as farro, is a type of hulled wheat species cultivated in ancient times but no longer in widespread use (though it is starting to become popular again in gourmet cooking and farm-to-table restaurants). It is mush higher in fiber than common wheat.


Other names: Farro
Translations: Emmer Kvieši, EMMER Kviečiai, Emmer de grâu, Emmer Pšenica, Lúa mì Lúa mì Emmer, Emmer pszenicy, Emmer Tarwe, Emmer गेहूं, Emmer Trigo, Эммер пшеницы, Emmer Σιτάρι, Emmer القمح, Emmer 밀, Emmer pšenice, Emmer Gandum, 二粒小麦, Emmer de blat, Emmer Pšenica, Emmerich pšenice, Farro, Emmer חיטה, Emmer Vete, Пшеница Еммер, エマー小麦, Le blé amidonnier, Emmer, Emmer Hvede, Emmer de trigo, Еммеріх пшениці, Emmer Vehnä, Emmer пшеница



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