Between 1852 and 1870 France experienced an economic boom called the Second Empire, a time in which new companies prospered, especially the wine culture in Bordeaux. As techniques improved in viticulture and vintaging, Bordeaux confirmed its place in the world as a leader in wine.

It was during this time that fine wine and spirits distillers/merchants, Paul and Raymond Lillet, came into focus by creating Lillet.

Lillet is an apéritif created from a blend of fine wines (85%%) and fruit liqueurs (15%%). Not to diminish the careful blending and creating process, for which there is no recipe, both red and white varieties of Lillet is essentially blended and aged for 12 months before it is enjoyed.

Wonderful served on the rocks with an orange twist.


Translations: 德利列特, リレ, Лильет, Лільєт, Лиллет



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