Savory Clams


Native to Asia, savory clams came to North America in the 1980s by cargo ships. The inside of the shell is a purple color, and has a longer shelf life than the popular Manila clam. This makes it a common substitute for the Manila clam during summer months (Manilas are more weak in summer).

Savory clams are mild in flavor and are best steamed or in a stir fry.


Other names: Nuttallia Obscurata
Translations: Vircoti Gliemenes, Dašis Moliuskai, Cimbru scoici, Slani školjke, Nghêu mặn, Pikantne Małże, Bonenkruid Clams, दिलकश Clams, Savory Amêijoas, Чабер Clams, Θρούμπι Clams, لاذع المحار, 맛 좋은 조개, Pikantní Škeble, Опрост шкољке, May masarap na amoy tulya, 萨沃里蛤蜊, Savory Cloïsses, Aromatizirani školjke, Pikantné mušle, Savory Vongole, מתובל הצדפות, Kryddade Musslor, Gurih Clams, セイボリーアサリ, Savory palourdes, Savory Venusmuscheln, Krydrede Clams, Velsmakende Clams, Savory Almejas, Чабер Clams, Suolainen Simpukat, Чубрица Миди


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