Wood Ear


Wood ear is a type of edible fungus found in Chinese cuisine; they grow on trees and resemble ears sticking off of the bark. It has a firm, jelly-like texture and a mild, earthy flavor; look for it, dried, in Asian markets. Both black and white varieties are available.


Other names: Tree Ear, Dry Black Fungus, Mook Yee, Silver Ear
Translations: Koka Ausu, Mediena Ausies, Urechi de lemn, Drvo za uho, Drewno ucha, Hout Oor, लकड़ी कान, Вуд уха, Ξύλο Ear, الخشب الأذن, 나무 귀, Dřevo Ušní, Kayu Telinga, Wood tainga, 木耳, La fusta de l'oïda, Wood uho, Drevo Ušné, ווד האוזן, Trä Öron, Дрво ухо, キクラゲ, Auriculaires, Wood Øre, La madera del oído, Вуд вуха, Puu Korva, Дърво на ухото

Physical Description

Colors: Light beige or dark brown

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Mild
Mouthfeel: Firm
Substitutes: Cloud ear


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