Pork Spareribs


Spare ribs (also called spareribs) are a variety of pork ribs, cooked and eaten in various cuisines around the world. They are the most inexpensive cut of pork ribs. They are a long cut from the lower portion of the pig, specifically the belly and breastbone, behind the shoulder, and include 11 to 13 long bones. There is a covering of meat on top of the bones as well as between them.


Other names: Spareribs, Spare Ribs
Translations: Cūkgaļas cūkas ribiņas, Kiaulienos šonkauliukai, Costiţe de porc Carne de porc, Svinjski suha rebra, Heo sườn lợn, Żeberka wieprzowe, Varkensvlees Spareribs, पोर्क स्पेयररिब्स, Pork costelinhas, Свиные ребрышки, Χοιρινό spareribs, لحم الخنزير ضلوع رقيقة, 돼지고기 돼지 갈비, Vepřová žebírka, Spareribs ng baboy, 猪肉排骨, Costelles de Porc, Svinjina Suha rebra, Bravčová rebierka, Maiale spareribs, חזיר ספייריבס, Gris revbensspjäll, Свињетина сува ребра, 豚スペアリブ, Côtes levées de porc, Svinekød Spareribs, Svinekjøtt spareribs, Costillas de Cerdo, Свинячі реберця, Porsaan kylki, Свински ребърца



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