Onion Flake


Onion flakes are pieces of onions which have been chopped and then dehydrated. They can be used as an onion replacement in various recipes. To make onion flakes, onions are simply chopped and then allowed to dry, either in the sun, in a dehydrator, or in an oven on a low setting. As the onions dry out, they shrink dramatically.


Translations: Sīpoli Flake, Svogūnų Flake, Ceapa Flake, Onion pahuljica, Hành Flake, Cebula Flake, Ui Flake, प्याज परत, Cebola Flake, Лук Флейк, Κρεμμύδι Flake, البصل فليك, 양파 매우 특이한 개성, Cibulový Flake, Лук Флаке, Sibuyas na manipis na piraso, 洋葱片, Ceba Flake, Čebula Flake, Cibuľový Flake, Cipolla Flake, בצל פלייק, Lök Flake, Bawang Flake, オニオンフレーク, Oignon en flocons, Løg Flake, Cebolla Flake, Цибуля Флейком, Sipuli Flake, Лук Флаке



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