Nigella Seeds


Nigella sativa has a pungent bitter taste and a faint smell of strawberries. It is used primarily in confectionary and liquors.

It is commonly used in Indian cuisine in naan breads. The variety of Pakistani naan bread called Peshawari naan is as a rule topped with kalonji seeds.

In herbal medicine, Nigella sativa has antihypertensive, carminative, and anthelmintic properties.[citation needed] They are eaten by elephants to aid digestion


Other names: कालोंजी, Black Sesame, কালো জিরা Kalo Jira, Roman Coriander, Black Caraway, Blackseed, Fennel Flower, Black Onion Seed, నల్ల జీలకర్ర, Kalonji, Nutmeg Flower
Translations: Sējas Sēklas, Nigella Sėklos, Seminte Nigella, Nigella Nasiona, Nigella Zaden, Nigella बीज, Nigella Sementes, Чернушка Семена, حبة بذور, Nigella 씨앗, Nigella Semena, Nigella binhi, 黑种草种子, Nigella semillas, Nigella Semená, זרעי קצח, Нигелла Семе, ニゲラ種子, Graines de nigelle, Nigella Samen, Nigella Frø, Nigella llavors, Чернушка Насіння, Nigella Siemenet, Nigella Семена



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