Vince Neil Kicked Out of Las Vegas Restaurant

April 3, 2012

Motley Crue singer, Vince Neil, was ready to party it up in Las Vegas restaurant, Palms' Little Buddha, but his night came to an end a little early after the rocker was kicked out for "inappropriate behavior." 

"Due to recent events, including distrust and dishonesty at the executive level, I will never again step foot @Palms property," Neil tweeted after the incident. 

In response to his negative comments, Palms took to their own Twitter page to address the issue.

"Mr. Neil has recently made negative comments about Palms on Twitter, however, he fails to mention his own actions... As a result of Mr. Neil's inappropriate behavior, he was asked to leave a restaurant at Palms," they tweeted. "We cannot and will not allow our guests, no matter who they are, to mistreat our team members. We at Palms take customer service very seriously, but we also take the well being of our team members just as seriously." 

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Krissy's picture

Vince...Don't go away mad...Vince, just go away.

Rock stars in Vegas are expected to
behave badly...I'm
Curious what behavior gets someone
booted from a Vegas Casino Restaurant.
it's also refreshing to hear it's not like other cities; where a "celeb in their restaurant" can blind managers/owners to certain/inappropriate behaviors.
Plus, any publicity is good publicity.
That restaurant will be packed tomorrow.