How to Shave Avocado

May 17, 2016

Avocado can add a beautiful splash of color to any meal.  Colette Dike, founder of Food Deco, has mastered the art of the shaved avocado and has made foodies envious of her ability ever since.  These delicate green tendrils are displayed with salmon and mango to assemble a salad, on polenta pizza, with toast and hummus and more.  The possibilities for shaved avocado are truly endless.  Furthermore, the technique is as easy as cutting avocado slices.  Cut the fruit in half and remove the pit and the skin.  Using a vegetable peeler, slice ribbons beginning from the outside going inward towards the pit.  The key is to us an avocado that is ripe but not soft.  If you need a visual, I've included a video below.  P.s. if you're not following Food Deco on Instagram, you are missing out on some beautiful food photography that will not only inspire you but also make you hungry.


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