5 Perfect Christmas Cookies For The Next Cookie Swap

November 28, 2015

Christmas baking means plenty of homemade gifts for friends and loved ones. We like to go to at least one cookie party, which means baking a number of a single cookie and then swapping with everyone attending. That way, we end up with a huge variety of cookies with very little work. It's fun! 

For the perfect Christmas cookie, find one that is simple enough to make with your little chef, and tastes rich and flavorful. If cutout cookies are not your thing, there are plenty of soft cookies and rolled types. Our family likes to make cutout cookies, but only once. Then, mom makes a bulk of easy rolled types to gift. Buy a pack of holiday printed gift bags, and a day's baking becomes  quick and easy gifts for everyone from the postman to teachers. 

Gluten Free Vanilla Honey Cut Out Cookies

Christmas White Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Honey Spice Cookie

Christmas Cookie Advent Calendar

Christmas Cream Cheese Cookies



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