Make The Most Fabulous Brined Turkey for Thanksgiving

November 13, 2015

Gone are the days when most of us had someone in the family who enjoys standing around in the kitchen all day cooking for Thanksgiving. Fortunately for my family, I still do this. I also spread the cooking out over 3 days, so I can get the most mileage out of my tiny kitchen. 

One of my favorite tricks is to brine the turkey the night before. Backing up a week, if we are using a frozen turkey, I take it out at least 4 days early, and let it thaw in the fridge. Then, the night before (or Thanksgiving Eve,) I remove the turkey from the fridge, remove all the extras, and soak it in a tasty brine overnight. This adds full flavor right to the bone, and everyone mentions that it is the best turkey they have ever tasted (or at least tasted since the last time I did it.)

Check out these tasty brine recipes and give them a try. It's super easy to brine your turkey. You just make the brine, allow it to cool if necessary, and drop in the turkey to soak. Cover tightly and place in the fridge for the evening. That's all there is to it! 

Molasses Brined Turkey with Gingersnap Gravy

Bourbon Brined Turkey Breast with Bourbon Turkey Gravy

Alton Brown's Good Eats Turkey


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