Halloween Sandwich Wraps: Spooky Snake Bites

October 10, 2014

Need something hearty (and spooky!) to serve at your Halloween party? Skip the deli sandwiches and make this fun flatbread snake! Use your favorite deli meat (this recipe features turkey), sliced cheese, and veggies, then roll it all up for a creepy eat! It's easy, delicious and, best of all, low in fat.

Spooky Snake Bites
Recipe courtesy of Flatout Flatbread

Making more than one snake? Use different meats, cheeses, and wraps for each Spooky Snake. Check your local supermarket for various styles and flavors of Flatout® Flatbread, available in light, whole grain, Italian, low fat, and more!


1 package Flatout® Flatbread
Low fat mayo to taste
Mustard to taste
1 pound deli turkey (or the deli meat of your choice), sliced thin
1 package sliced cheese
1 large tomato, sliced
Romaine lettuce
2 strips red bell pepper

Assemble wraps by spreading dressing evenly across Flatout® Flatbread. On one rounded end, layer remaining ingredients except for bell pepper.

Roll tightly and cut into 6 pinwheel pieces. Form into a curvy line on a platter to form snake.

Insert bell pepper into first pinwheel to create tongue for the head of the snake, if desired.

Editorial disclosure: Foodista received no payment or samples of this product. We simply love the ease of their product.