Gluten Free Desserts That Will Change Your Life

September 2, 2014

Finding delicious desserts can become pretty tricky when you trying to stay gluten free. Luckily, Foodista knows people. We can find the most luscious gluten free foods that will totally change your life and how you think about staying gluten free for life. 

Check out some of these delicious gluten free desserts, and be amazed: 

Gluten Free Fruit Pizza

From Fashionedible 

This is not the fruit pizza you ate in 4H. It's a creamy gluten free confection of tasty pudding and fresh sliced fruit. So tasty and even a healthy kick. 

Gluten Free Almond Joy Donuts

By Food Faith Fitness

Baked rather than fried, these donuts have all the light, sweet flavor you love, without all the added fat from all that extra oil. Aren't these lovely? The chocolate and coconut give you a  definite Almond Joy flavor and who can resist that? Enjoy! 

Ultimate Gluten Free Fudge Brownies

By Whole and Heavenly Oven

The pinnacle of delicious desserts has to be the brownie. Warm and rich, a good brownie can transport you to the land of Yum in a single bite. We love these gluten free brownies so much, they are a go to for all of us, even those who don't have to be gluten free. A delightful choice to bring for a party. 

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