3 Adorable Free Lunchbox Notes

August 21, 2014

If you are a bit sad that your kids have gone back to school, you can add a little surprise in their lunchbox and remind them of how much they are loved. These 3 printable sites offer adorable lunchbox notes that are fun and super cute. 

Star Wars Lunchbox Notes

From My Sweet Sanity

Combine your Geeky side with your creative side, and print out these Star Wars themed lunchbox notes. So fun! 

Fruit Tags

From Joshua Lewis

Aren't these neat? We want to put one on every piece of fruit we eat. Perhaps a love note on the back of each? How about numbering each one and keeping track of how many servings in a day you eat? The possibilities are endless. 

Lunchbox Jokes and How To

From Design by Dani

This is awesome! Not only are these jokes funny, there is also a tutorial on how to create your own cards for the future. What a nice way to share a little giggle with your mini chef every school day. 

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