Freaking Amazing Copycat State Fair Foods

August 1, 2014

Copycat Country Fair Funnel cake


Funnel cakes are the first thing you smell when you arrive on the midway at the fair. They are crispy and hot, covered with mounds of powdered sugar and eaten as quickly as possible. Is there anything that tastes better? Now you don't have to wait all year to enjoy this special deep fried treat. Make your own at home with this perfect copycat recipe. 

Copycat State Fair Deep-Fried Pickles

From Allfreecopycatrecipes

Remember when everyone made a joke about deep frying pickles? They made fun until taking their first bite of juicy, crispy, sour pickle slices. Then, they were the biggest fans. Now you can relive the thrill anytime you want to, with this delightful recipes for the home cook. 

Copycat State Fair Corn Dogs

From Midnight Baker

Every kid needs them, and everyone knows you have been to the fair when you have one in your hand. Corn dogs are the quintessential fair food. Learn the secret to making these tasty traditional treats. 

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