5 Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes to Sip on During National Iced Tea Month

June 20, 2014

June is National Iced Tea month and nothing says summer like a tall cool glass of this refreshing beverage.  Brewing a batch of iced tea is super simple but there are a few tips to keep in mind.  First, always use filtered water when making a pitcher of iced tea.  You do not want the flavor of the water to negatively affect the flavor of the tea.  Also, it's best to use water that is just under boiling as it gently coaxes the flavor from the tea leaves.  To sweeten your iced tea, I suggest using simple syrup because the sugar has already dissolved and combines easily with the tea.  Flavors such as herbs, ginger, and spices can be added to the simple syrup for another layer of flavor in your tea.  Click here to read more secrets for brewing the perfect batch of iced tea.

Peach Iced Tea
Recipe from From Calculus to Cupcakes

Peach tea is an all-time favorite.  You can either use fresh peaches or frozen peaches for this recipe.

Raspberry Lemon Verbena Iced Tea
Recipe from The Krooked Spoon

If you are feeling adventurous, add a shot of gin to turn this delicious glass of iced tea into a summer cocktail.

Sparkling Hibiscus Iced Tea
Recipe from Diethood 

This festive and colorful hibiscus iced tea is perfect party.  Sparkling water is used to give this beverage an extra special touch.

Very Berry Iced Tea
Recipe by Creative Culinary

Strawberries and blueberries are muddled with sugar before the tea is added.  This step helps accentuate their natural fruity flavor and mixes with the tea.

Mango Mint Iced Tea
Recipe from April Golightly

This recipe uses the cold brew method to make this iced tea.  Chunks of mango and fresh chopped mint are added to give this drink a tropical twist.


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