Mashup Food: ‘Cragel’ is Half Croissant, Half Bagel

January 15, 2014
In the wake of the cronut craze, we totally missed this new bakery mashup as it was quietly developed on the East Coast. It’s a croissant, it’s a bagel… it’s a cragel. Or, depending on where you go, it’s a crogel.
A supermarket in Norwalk, CT, recently introduced its crogel — a croissant shaped into a ring and baked up like a bagel. But the Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York, has been testing its own cragel since September 2013. According to Gothamist, it’s a flaky croissant baked into a bagel.
Currently, cragels are only available in one classic flavor, but we're curious to see if sweet or savory will reign supreme.

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