Hugh Jackman Considers Veganism After 'Wolverine' Diet

July 15, 2013

High Jackman is considering going vegan after being on the diet that helped give him his crazy muscles for Wolverine. The actor says having to eat large amounts of food to bulk up for the film has increased his carbon footprint. 

"I eat one steak a day minimum," he said. "Now I don't know any doctors recommending a 12oz steak every day. I'm pretty sure that's not good. And my carbon footprint is disgusting."

The actor added that he also eats a dozen eggs every day. 

"The only way that seems to work is eating chicken. I know there are vegan bodybuilders but chicken is what works for me. Lots and lots of chicken." 

The actor also recently told Men's Health magazine that he feels he needs to give back to animals after his meat-heavy Wolverine diet. 

"I think after this film I need to be vegan for a while, just as my way of giving back to the animals."

You can see the results of Jackman's diet in Wolverine, which hits theaters on July 24. 

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